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About Go Global With Sade


Go Global With Sade is one of the most lucrative, expanding travel agencies on the East Coast, specializing in group travel and custom vacation packages. In partnership with Inteletravel.com, the original at-home travel agency, Go Global With Sade affords clients with high quality travel experiences as well as provide opportunities for clients to become an Independent Travel Agent (ITA). Performing as an Independent Travel Agent thereby enables you to book travel anywhere, anytime. Inteletravel, recently celebrated 27 years of distinguished service and recognized with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, is highly regarded and reputable in the travel business.

Go Global With Sade is also in partnership with PlanNet Marketing, the marketing distributor for Inteletravel. Through PlanNet Marketing, as a Marketing Representative, you have the ability to build a team of travel agents while earning residual override commissions. As a PlanNet Marketing Representative, you will offer the Inteletravel home-based travel opportunity to others who desire to leverage their income and turn their passion for travel into a paycheck.

Our Mission:

Our mission at Go Global With Sade is to provide our clients with high quality vacations while traveling at an exclusive rate. We promote, inspire, and support others to live their best lives through travel and experiencing the world. Go Global With Sade provides the vehicle to financial, time, and personal freedom by helping you build a home-based business in the travel industry. 

About Sade

CEO, Independent Travel Agent, PlanNet Marketing Representative, Travel Coach, Entrepreneur

Born in Martinsville, VA, Sade Griggs understood that in order to rise above the stigmatism of being raised by a single mother of seven children, it would take hard work and dedication. Ms. Griggs, despite life's experiences, set out to accomplish a multitude of aspirations and to live out her dreams. Sade attended North Carolina Central University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing Education from Norwich University. For the past 7+ years, Ms. Griggs has made her mark in the field of nursing and has committed herself to lifelong learning and teaching others. During which time she has also found value in leadership and the importance of mentorship in the development of self.

As Sade Griggs progressed throughout her career, she became a Travel Nurse and was then motivated to leverage travel in business. She was introduced to Inteletravel home-based business and quickly realized the potential in this opportunity to travel even more and to help others do the same. In order to accommodate her free-spirited lifestyle, Ms. Griggs understood that the economic challenges in today's world for most called for a Plan B to alleviate the financial and time burden of a corporate job.

Entrepreneurship called and she answered. Sade Griggs is now dedicating herself to paving her own path in the travel industry by partnering with PlanNet Marketing and Inteletravel. In just a short time, Sade has built an extensive list of prospective business partners, has attracted substantial travelers interested in booking travel, is now the new face in the travel blogging arena and has published her first of many travel articles in Upward Performance Magazine (December 2017 Issue). 

Sade Griggs believes that positioning herself in the largest industry in the world will afford her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to generate multiple streams of income, gain personal freedom and leave a legacy while providing compassionate, holistic care as an Advanced Practice Nurse.