The Intelligent Solo Traveler

The Intelligent Solo Traveler

For some, traveling to the most enchanting, breathtaking places is a dream too far to reach. Others, the wanderlust individual, take life by its handles and travel far and wide no matter the circumstances. As for me, I’ve traveled a plenty of family road trips across America during my childhood. Mainly due to the fact that my parents and grandparents were much too fearful of getting on any plane or ship but deep inside I knew there was more to be discovered. Until a few years ago, I took my very first international trip to Okinawa, Japan. Since then, the need to travel has become an insatiable desire. Herein lies for what was an issue. I was trapped in quite the dilemma. Not everyone close to me shared my same desire nor did they have the freedom in their careers and lives or finances to travel. So do I wait for that friend or family member or do I plan that vacation and go solo? Well, lets just say that now when I am hungry for that travel thrill, I pack my bags and go!

I know what you may be thinking; A single traveler is sure to pay a more considerable price compared to traveling in twos, right? Wrong! The single traveler market is exponentially growing. In fact, solo travelers have been the key trend in 2017. Responding to the increase demand, cruise lines, tour operators, hotels, and all inclusive resorts are now accommodating for one-person travelers and even offering special single deals and incentives. That is incredible news for those curious minds.

Ok, so the big elephant that’s sitting here, allow me to get that out of the room. Is traveling solo safe? One can conclude that traveling in pairs or groups are obviously much safer. However, traveling solo can be as well if simple, common sense precautions are utilized. They include, but not limited to, avoiding to appear like a tourist, staying in open, well lit areas, limiting alcohol intake, keeping family and friends informed of your whereabouts, planning your stays ahead of time, and researching the area of your

Now, let’s take a quick escapade through my first solo adventure, which happened to be a trip across the country. Whew, what a drive that was but one experience that was amazing and life changing, to say the least. As I packed my house to be shipped by freight, I sought to put some miles on my Acura and trek the road from Los Angeles, California to Charlotte, North Carolina alone. Weeks before, I planned my route, researched destinations and activities in each state, and budgeted my expenses based on gas mileage, hotel costs, and expenses for activities and food along the route. I got my car fully serviced to ensure no major car issues ensued. I informed family and friends of my plans to travel alone. On my phone, I downloaded the best recommended apps for traveling long distances that also had special features that alerted family and friends on my exact location (Waze road trippers). I was all geared up.

Off I went, out of California heading straight to the historical, scenic Route 66. Depending on my destination and activity for the day, I would alternatively take Highway 40. The route crossed over in to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee spending a day or two in each state site seeing, participating in activities and events, meeting new people, trying favorite dishes and popular restaurants, and experiencing the culture in its entirety.

If you are that someone who desires to travel alone but concerned of its safety, that you will be lonely or nothave as much fun, I highly encourage you to face that fear and go. Go somewhere, anywhere. Instead of buying the new pair of shoes or spending money to keep up with the next fad, your money could be used on experiences, something that you can never put a price tag on. The stigma that traveling alone will leave you lonely at heart is a thing of the past. More travelers are choosing to see the world on their own terms than ever before. Take that leap and when you are ready for that next vacation and travel adventure, book with me as your personal travel agent or contact me at for exclusive rates and deals. And if we are lucky enough, I’ll catch you on a flight, cruise, or even at a gas station!

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